Why Taylor Swift Refers to ‘Lover’ as a “Quirky” Album

Why Taylor Swift Refers to 'Lover' as a "Quirky" Album 1

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Lover, exploded on the scene only a month ago and already it has broken records across the globe. The reception of Swift’s seventh studio album was so positive that the famous musician called the week it released one of the best weeks of her life. Fans and celebrities alike have openly shown their support for Lover and the album has also been raking in praise from critics in the industry. Now, Swift is speaking out more about the inspiration behind the album.

Swift’s newest album, Lover

True to the name, Swift admits that she went a very romantic route for Lover. She expressed that she views the album as a compilation of love in all of its nuances and intricacies. As love is a very complex theme, it’s no wonder that it’s Swift’s longest album to date. With 18 songs on the record, Swift covers a lot of ground. It’s hard to believe that a song like “ME!” could belong on the same record as a song like “Soon You’ll Get Better”, but when you’re operating under such a broad and complex concept, you can get away with it.

Taylor Swift talks inspiration with Rolling Stone

For her part, Swift seems to realize that this record is a little more unusual than her previous six albums. In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, Swift was told that Lover felt like her most indie record to date and she seemed to readily agree. “That’s amazing, thank you. It’s definitely a quirky record. With this album, I felt like I sort of gave myself permission to revisit older themes that I used to write about, maybe look at them with fresh eyes. And to revisit older instruments — older in terms of when I used to use them,” the “Paper Rings” singer shared.

Lover vs. 1989 & Reputation

Swift then went on to share how she felt Lover compared to her previous two albums, Reputation, and the GRAMMY Award-winning 1989. “When I was making 1989, I was so obsessed with it being this concept of Eighties big pop, whether it was Eighties in its production or Eighties in its nature, just having these big choruses — being unapologetically big. And then Reputation, there was a reason why I had it all in lowercase. I felt like it wasn’t unapologetically commercial. It’s weird, because that is the album that took the most amount of explanation, and yet it’s the one I didn’t talk about,” the “Getaway Car” singer said.

Secret sessions

Swift was notoriously closed-mouthed about the inspiration behind her music throughout her Reputation era. “There will be no explanation, there will just be Reputation,” was a quote that ruled this era of her life. For the first time in her career, Swift let her music stand completely alone and speak for itself. However, it seems that she did break this rule a bit for some of her most loyal fans. “In the Reputation secret sessions, I kind of had to explain to my fans, “I know we’re doing a new thing here that I’d never done before. I’d never played with characters before,” Swift shared.

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